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Short-Form Mindfulness    Each new moment, where a person focuses his or her attention determines what they accomplish – and also how they feel. Most people spend too much time at work caught up in worried, angry or defensive thoughts and imaginations. WizeWell delivers an interactive program that helps people quiet distracted thoughts and refocus in more mindful, innovative, and enjoyable directions:

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WizeWell Focus Phrases  Each of us possesses untapped potential for making creative breakthroughs at work. WizeWell's unique set of 30 elicitor statements, when properly employed, carry the power to evoke highly-valued in-the-zone insights. As shown in related fMRI neuro-research, holding a WizeWell Focus Phrase steadily in mind stimulates new neural associations and expansions in the brain, generating lower stress, brighter moods, and more creative output.
At-Work Breather Breaks: Imagine people in your workplace using a mental-refocusing system that actively boosts wellness while also tapping new innovative expression. Wizewell’s app-driven cognitive-shifting process encourages the development of highly-advantageous mental states. Drawing from cognitive research and short-form mindfulness methods, our full menu of engaging programs will help participants let go of stress and enjoy brighter feelings and more creative thought flows.
Primary Benefits: As documented in related research, WizeWell's training program (patent pending) and reinforcement system enables partcipants to actively maximize their full personal and professional potential. By applying new focal habits, participants steadily heighten in-the-zone teamwork, leadership presence, emotional wellbeing, and insight augmentation, while boosting productivity, wellness, and life satisfaction. Participation is voluntary, non-intrusive, cost-efficient, and simple to implement.  Read More
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Personal Use: WizeWell is designed to sync effortlessley into your current routine, using Breather Breaks to uplift your mood and expand your mindset. Our WizeWell App delivers a wide variety of unique tools that focus your attention consistenly toward your higher goals. Click Here for More.

At Work Use: Our corporate program is designed to generate significant long-term shifts in quality of engagement, breakthrough thinking, and focused productivity in your organization. Our roll-out strategies can be readily customized to the needs of your company.

Roll-out strategies include:

     * In-person pre-and-post presentations

     * Cost-efficient app-driven delivery & reinforcement systems

     * Live WizeWell-guided weekly groups

     * Individual coaching & social networking

     * Periodic evaluation & and custom implementation

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The WizeWell Process is designed to help transform your workplace through inserting 3-minute Breather Break experiences into your daily at-work routine. Delivered via mobile devices and (if requested) weekly seminars, the WizeWell Process is grounded in cognitive-science and mindfulness techniques that shift one’s focus beyond stressed thoughts and ingrained perspectives into more expansive and creative engagement.

WizeWell Metrics: Participants in our WW Program at Plantronics reported that:

· WizeWell helps relieve stress: 100% yes
·The program reduces chronic hurrying: 90% yes
· WizeWell is an effective mindfulness program: 87% yes
· WW helps in staying more engaged at work: 90% yes.
· WW keeps the mind open to receive creative insight: 90% yes.
· Using the WW program lowers anxiety and worrying: 95% yes
· WW is valuable as a wellness strategy at work: 100% yes
· WizeWell improves spirit of teamwork: 100% yes.
· The program helps boost leadership skills: 92% yes.
· I want to do the 6-week WW Process again: 92% yes.
· My colleagues would benefit from the program: 100% yes

 The WizeWell MindfulPLUS program teaches a mental-silence technique that quiets distracting thoughts, and then retargets attention in productive directions. Our 30 WizeWell Focus Phrases reinforce core human values, minimize stress, and maximize engagement. The WizeWell app delivers 46 short video programs that encourage emotional/cognitive clarity to boost mindful interaction and accelerate transformation. We also offer optional coaching support and a long-term training/reinforcement installation.

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The WizeWell Process
"The WizeWell program will teach you how to respond to situations with less stress and fatigue, and access greater vitality, creativity, innovation, and intelligence. Give this method a try - you and your organization have everything to gain.”

Marshall Goldsmith
Author of MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“By holding one of the WizeWell Focus Phrases in mind during a workday, you’ll be able to focus on your strengths, stay in tune with your inner voice of inspiration, and enjoy work while also performing at higher levels.”
Lance Secretan
Author of The Spark, The Flame, The Torch

“The WizeWell Program teaches leading-edge methods to optimize our performance and increase our vitality and qualit of life. All organizations will gain enhanced engagement and innovations
Stephen M. R. Covey and Greg Link
Authors of Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity Energy